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Please check out the list of Questions and Answers below. If you want to know something, and it's not covered, please e-mail me and I'll get back you as soon as possible - thanks, Mike Lindley.

Q. Which leagues are covered?

A. English Premiership, Championship, League One, League Two, Scottish Premiership, Scottish Championship. Scottish League One and Scottish League Two.

Q. When do the bets start?

A. The are no bets or ratings given during the first eight league games of a season. Ratings and bets start at game nine. It is impossible to accurately access teams until we have some solid evidence of current season performance. Game nine is normally at the start of September. We then go all the way through to the last league games of the season.

Q. Why should I join now?

A. Membership places are strictly limited.

Q. What if I try Winabobatoo but don’t like it?

A. If at any point during the first fourteen days of being a member you decide Winabobatoo isn’t right for you, I will refund your membership in full.

Q. How do I get all the match ratings and statistics as a member of the Winabobatoo Private Members' Club?

A. Every Monday and Thursday at midday during the main part of the season. The magazines are produces as Excel documents and as Adobe Reader pdfs. They are emailed to you. They can be downloaded from the members' only area of the website once your membership has been approved. During the summer, magazines are issued periodically. The main Winabobatoo Guide is always published on 1st August each year.

Q. Who is the database for?

A. As a member of the Winabobatoo Private Members' Club, you can leave absolutely no stone unturned by using the database to analyse matches. You can also devise your own systems using the database too.

You will need Lotus Smartsuite in order to run the database on your computer. This can be downloaded freely. Full details are shown in the Winabobatoo Members' Guide. The guide for the season is published on 1st August each year.

Q. How much time per week will I have to spend sorting my bets?

A. You can invest as much time or as little time as you like. Once you've decided which approach to follow, you'll be sorted inside five minutes. If you wish to dissect the numbers in great detail and add your personal judgement to the ratings, you can spend hours doing the analysis. The choice is yours!

Q. Can I pay monthly for the service?

A. No. Subscriptions are for a full season covering the period to 31st May 2019. Betting must be viewed as a long-term investment. No monthly memberships are available.

Q. Can you guarantee I will make a profit?

A. All gambling involves risk. Anyone who tells you otherwise, or doesn’t make this clear to you, is trying to pull the wool over your eyes, and to be perfectly honest, is insulting your intelligence. No form of gambling is risk free. Winabobatoo can put the odds in your favour, as proven by twelve years of live trading, but I cannot guarantee that any particular period of time will generate a profit. The Winabobatoo Guide explains more about the risk/reward side of betting and the role that luck plays in betting.

Q. I have views of my own on football. How will your ratings help?

A. Knowing which teams to avoid placing bets on is almost as important as knowing which teams to bet on. The ratings will certainly help you avoid some banana skins and help you make much better informed decisions generally than you would without the aid of the ratings.

Q. Do I get a guide to explain everything to me in detail?

A. Yes. A new guide is written for the start of each season. All aspects of Winabobatoo are fully covered and explained.

Q. What customer service do I get?

A. If you ever need any help, I'm only an email away. We aim to answer all e-mails as soon as possible, and this is normally within 24 hours. It might take a little longer at weekends.

Q. Where did the name Winabobatoo come from?

A. Before setting up Winabobatoo in 2006, I was sharing the ratings information with a few of my friends. One of my friends suggested the name. In the 1960’s (and possibly earlier) a common phrase used by punters, when talking to their mates, was: “Are you going to see if you can win a bob or two today?”

A “bob” was a slang name for a shilling – which in decimal currency is now 5 pence.

Hence the name, Winabobatoo seemed like a good idea!

Mike Lindley

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