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Latest News April 2019:

Maximum Membership Limit is 300.


We cover the top four English Leagues and the top four Scottish Leagues.


£20 £20 £20 MEMBERSHIP FEE FOR THE 2019-20 SEASON IS JUST £20. £20 £20 £20

Every home team and every away team is given a Green Light, Amber Light, or Red Light. The Green Lights put you onto the profitable bets. The Traffic Light returns shown below cover all matches played since the Traffic Lights were first introduced at the start of the 2016-17 season. Returns are based on staking one point single win level stakes bets at the best odds available from just five leading bookmakers at the times the twice weekly Winabobatoo magazines are published.

7/4/2019 Bets Win Win% Returns +/- ROI
Green 2588 1162 45% 2669.55 +81.55 +3.15% 4.43% 4.43%
Amber 3230 1354 42% 3135.02 -94.98 -2.94%
Red 5386 1687 31% 5074.35 -311.65 -5.79%

Winabobatoo Owner: Mike Lindley

Mike Photo

Voted a 'Betting Hero' in the Secret Betting Club's 2016 annual awards.

Testimonials from members:

"The Winabobatoo offering is top notch for both the enthusiast and, particularly, those who wish to place their football wagering on a semi-professional footing. Nowhere else can one gain the depth of analysis and such an arsenal of tools to turn a profit from your activity.

Mike Lindley is a man of the highest integrity and not one to make idle boasts about successes, preferring instead to give customers a full insight into risk and the treatment of sample sizes. I cannot recommend this service enough." M from Essex, 5th June 2018.


Winabobatoo is a long established, award winning football betting service. Online since 2006, we've been helping people to get ahead of the bookmakers for the last 12 seasons. The service is strictly limited to 300 to help you get your bets on at the best prices available.

Over a full season we will offer you guidance on around 2,000 matches played in eight UK leagues. All advice is based around placing single win bets on home teams or away teams to win in 90 minutes.

Winabobatoo is aimed mainly at professional and semi-professional bettors but whether you want a simple list of tips to follow, or in-depth detailed analysis of games via the unique Winabobatoo ratings, we've got it covered.

The simple approach: Each team is given a Traffic Light rating of Green, Amber, or Red. Blindly backing all Green Light teams has made over 63 points profit to one point single win bets over the last two completed seasons. If you're losing money at the moment, the chances are you're backing the Red Lights and Amber Light cases!

The in-depth approach: You can devise betting systems of your own based around the ratings or you can use your personal judgement alongside the ratings to determine your bets. And there's the Winabobatoo database for those who really want to dig and delve into the numbers.

As a member, you will receive twice weekly magazines throughout the main part of the season. They're emailed to you at 12 o'clock on Monday (to cover the Tuesday to Wednesday games) and at 12 o'clock on Thursday to cover the weekend games, giving you plenty of time to finalise your list of bets.

The Winabobatoo membership year runs from 1st June 2018 to 31st May 2019.

Many betting services will ride the crest of a good luck wave and then disappear. Over the last 12 years we've provided match assessments for well over 20,000 games. As the Traffic Light results show, we have a genuine edge over the bookmakers, proven over many thousands of games.


The Winabobatoo Guide To Football Betting 2018-19

Tells you all you need to know about Winabobatoo with 200 pages packed with general betting advice to help you become a winner.

Includes a FREE SYSTEM that you can operate using league and form tables - you don't need to be a member to use it!

Download the 1st August 2018 Magazine to see exactly how the twice weekly magazines look:

Winabobatoo Magazine 03/2019

Season 2018-19 includes exciting new features, systems, and ratings to help take your betting to the next level.

The Results File: Up to date results for all
Winabobatoo approaches:
To be read in conjunction with the Winabobatoo Guide
Winabobatoo Results File 30th September 2018

Testimonials from members:

Brian from Berkshire: "Winabobatoo is an amazing product that is at the top of my list when it comes to subscription renewals."


The cost to join this exclusive service until 31st May 2019, limited to 300 members worldwide, is £249. You can pay by three instalments if you wish. Pay £100 now with two other instalments due later.

Testimonials from members:

Keith M from Redcar: "Another successful season due to the Winabobatoo team." 24th April 2018.

Ian from London, "Must be the ultimate service for anyone with realistic expectations prepared to think just a little bit for themselves, or for anyone needing education in realistic expectation! And Mike's 'customer service' must surely be unsurpassed." 15th May 2018.

In the unlikely event of you signing up to Winabobatoo and finding the service isn't right for you, let me know within the first fourteen days, and I will refund your subscription in full.

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